eBay for beginners

Whether you're an eBay beginner, an old-hand eBayer or a business, Going Gone offers a range of training programs to show you exactly how to make eBay work for you. As a qualified eBay Training Specialist, Going Gone currently offers four courses:

1. eBay for beginners - A great course for people who have sold on eBay before with little success, have found it difficult to use or for people who would like a basic understanding of how eBay works. Bring along an item to sell and we'll show you exactly how it's done by listing your item live! View course outline>
2. eBay for advanced users - If you are familiar with the basic process of selling on eBay but would like to be much better at it, then this course is for you. Bring along an item to sell, and we'll show you the insider tips and expert tricks to make your sale a success.
3. eBay for business - Whether you already have an online presence and wish to sell on eBay as well, are considering an 'eBay store' for your products, have excess stock to clear, or want more information on third party products and services to enhance selling on eBay, this course will answer all your questions. And, if you have bought and sold on eBay as a hobby, and want to move to the next level, then this course is also perfect for you.
4. Buying on eBay - A great course for people who have tried to bid on an item with little or no success, have found it difficult to buy items on eBay or would like to gain a basic understanding of how eBay works including searching techniques.

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